Parent of six year old student:

To Whom It May Concern:

Meredith stands out among her peers for a number of reasons, in particular her ability to engage children; her supportive instructional technique and her calm and caring demeanor. Below is detail on each of these items.

Ability to engage children: Meredith has consistently developed and reinforced student norms that support interactive, safe and respectful behavior and cultivated excited learners. She using a wide variety of techniques and games to engage children and make learning fun. She masterfully leads larger groups of young children through their weekly lesson without losing the attention of even one.

Supportive instructional technique: Meredith is well-organized, prepared and thinks broadly about what she is teaching and how to make each piece easy to learn (breaking into small pieces, finding simple patterns, etc.). She makes each child feel that they are important part of the class and recognizes their efforts both as individuals and as a group. My 6-year old consistently looks forward to his lesson and learns quickly from her methods.

Calm and caring demeanor: Meredith has a wonderful demeanor for teaching children. Her patience and inviting style have allowed the children to both trust her and look up to her. They all want to do well for her as a teacher. She has created wonderful bonds with her students.

I have learned a great deal from Meredith’s approach to teaching–things that I now use at home with my three boys. I trust her teaching my children music and I admire her wonderful skill. 

Warm regards,

Leesa Pruett Ceron


Parent of four year old student:

To Whomever it may concern

Ms. Meredith began teaching guitar to my daughter, Nishka, at four years old, and guided us through the steps of book one and group classes in the Suzuki method.  A dedicated and talented teacher with outstanding work ethic, Meredith displayed an ability to seek out ways to reinforce self esteem and confidence that allowed my daughter to blossom under her care.  We developed a mutual respect during this time and my daughter grew very fond of her and found her affection always welcome but tempered with the goals of always seeking to be her best and to bring her best efforts to her studies. We would have liked to continue our trainnig with her and are sorry to see her go.

I heartily recommend Meredith as a teacher, a mentor and a person of good and kind character who will enrich the lives of her students.


Manjita Kulkarni


Parent of Ten year old Student:

Christopher is 10 years old and describes Ms. Connie as being enthusiastic and outgoing in her teaching style. He looked forward to his individual lesson and said that she was “good at handling a group” of students.  He describes her as warm and firm, without being controlling or overly directive.  He also reports, she’s willing to “try new things” when working with a group.  Under her tutelage, Christopher transitioned from a beginning to intermediate performer and played with increasing confidence and joy.

As a parent, I found Ms. Connie to be warm, kind, competent and professional as an instructor.  Moreover, she came to know Christopher as a boy, a learner and a musician.  Ms. Connie is passionate about the business of helping children learn to appreciate music and play an instrument alone and together.  I particularly appreciated her non-judgmental communication style and her consistent effort to keep sight of the whole child in her approach to teaching.

In summary, I think Ms. Connie is an excellent instructor of music for young children and I recommend her without reservation for any job for which she is qualified.  

Sincerely yours,

Christopher A. Gatty