Suzuki Guitar Instruction

Suzuki Guitar Instruction

Suzuki Guitar Instruction

Meredith and 5 year old student

Suzuki Talent Education is focused on young children, allowing them to reach their full potential by starting at an early age.  Meredith accepts guitar students from age 3 and up, in two Melbourne locations:  Fitzroy North and Elsternwick.

The benefits of the Suzuki Philosophy

Dr Suzuki began his method of musical training to allow teaching of an instrument the same way that a child learns language – as a part of everyday routine, through repetition and familiarity.  The Suzuki method uses many types of games as a part of the instruction because these methods work to motivate children and create an environment in which children are eager to learn.  Suzuki talent education has wide reaching effects on the future of your child, from accelerating and increasing brain potential, to developing character and increased focus.  The parent is very involved in the process in the younger years, acting as a “home teacher”, and is encouraged to learn a little of the instrument in the beginning phases of learning posture and position.

Lesson Structure

The recommended lesson routine for Suzuki guitar is one private lesson per week and additional group classes.  Group classes are an excellent way to introduce many concepts such as fearless performance, socialization, musicianship and elements of musicality such as dynamics or tempo.  An article titled What is Healthy Competition and why do we want to Foster it? on the wide ranging benefits of group classes was published in the American Suzuki Journal in 2017.

Suzuki Guitar group class

Group class session for book one students

Suzuki guitar instruction gives students an excellent start, as beginning in early childhood allows the child to develop an ease and a technical proficiency that will help them no matter which musical path they may choose later on in life.

The right sized instrument

Finding an appropriate sized instrument for little ones can be challenging – there are a limited number of instruments available for rental through my studio.  Alternatively, if thinking of purchasing an instrument, parents are encouraged to check in with me before doing so.

Her profile, demonstrating that she has completed all levels of training through the Suzuki Association of the Americas is available for additional information.

Call her to talk further about lessons on 0478 064 022, or send an inquiry via the contact page.