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Compositions by Year

2019:  Soprano, violin and Guitar, An Unconcern So Sovereign, poetry by Emily Dickenson.  Score under revision for performance in 2020.

2019:  String Ensemble, Forest Song, commissioned for Ranges Strings in 2019, in the process of being published by the VCO Project, more information shortly.

2018:  Guitar and String Quartet. Sea Mist, Wind, Water.  Shortlisted for the Matt Withers 2018 Australian Music Composition Competition, score under revision.

2018 Guitar and Trumpet, Blue Salsa (for Duo Beyond Limits) in two movements, premiered in Amsterdam.

2017:  Solo Guitar If I Could I Surely Would for Solo Guitar in Three Movements.  Each movement takes their name from the lyrics of a song used as a reference point and a melodic touchstone, drawn from American Folk Music, inspired by and dedicated to Pete Seeger.

PDF Available for purchase, $15 AUD.

2016: Connections and Commotions:  Guitar Trios for Intermediate Players a collection of trios aimed at exploring a range of techniques and concepts of musicianship, annotated with suggested teaching points.  For those who use the Suzuki methods the trios are appropriate for those at the end of Book 3 moving into Book 4.

PDF Available for purchase, $20 AUD.

2015:  Guitar Trio,  Mosquito Stomp in one movement. composed for the Student Guitar Ensemble at the 17th Biennial Suzuki Association of the Americas and was premiered there.  Free score available.

2015:  Guitar Trio, Tiddalik, in Five Movements  Commissioned for the Annual Symposium of New Music for Young People (Rivers Conservatory, Massachusetts), it was premiered there in April 2016.  This work for guitar trio takes elements from the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime story of Tiddalik, a Giant Frog.  The story itself is simplified and fragmented by the titles of the five moments:

  1. Frog Chorus:  The Great Throat of Tiddalik Becomes Very Dry
  2. A Thirst that Cannot be Quenched: Tiddalik Drinks all the Water
  3. A Dry and Thirsty Land:  The Animals Despair
  4. Water Dance:  The Animals take turns to Dance for Tiddalik to Amuse Him
  5. The Water Returns:  As Tiddalik Shakes with Laughter, the Water Pours out of his Belly

PDF Available for purchase, $20 AUD.

2014:  Guitar, Viola, Cello,  Seattle colors:  Grey, Blue, Green.  Explores the landscapes of Seattle and creates soundworlds that exploit the overlapping ranges of the instruments, bringing them together and stretching the distances between them.  Premiered in April 2015 at TESS music school in Norwalk CT, USA.

PDF Available for purchase, $20 AUD.

Lemon Grove for Trumpet and Guitar (2014) was reviewed in the Journal of the International Trumpet Guild, and was noted to be “a playful and evocative interplay between the two instruments …The work has moments of tension, which are quickly dissipated, like an animated conversation between two old friends”.  Full transcript available here.

PDF Available for purchase, $15 AUD.

In the Wild (2013) for narrator and guitar explores the poetry of David Elliott and is a series of short character pieces describing various animals in musical language.  It was a featured composition for the Contemporary Music Festival in 2015 of Weston MA, at which she was also a clinician.

PDF Available for purchase, $20 AUD.

Featured composition on the Recording Fairy Tales, Monsters and Wild Animals.