Artist Statement

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Meredith Connie

Making music is about making connections with audiences and other musicians.  For me, making music is about maintaining a standard of excellence in performance and making those performances accessible to all audiences.

I enjoy setting the scene for my performances, by sharing some of the world of the composer and bringing that to bear on a variety of programming choices, from the dramatic to the playful to the tragic.  One of my favorite parts of a performance is afterwards when audiences members talk to me and tell me they were able to make connections between the music and it’s creative impetus.

As an educator I have worked with a variety of ages, and can proudly say I have guitar students from age four to age sixty four; this has been of immense value to me in keeping performances fresh, relevant and approachable.

As a performing musician, I enjoy the challenges and rewards of collaborations with other artists; again this is about making connections.  Discovering the hidden depths of compositions with other musicians in a chamber ensemble or creating new works with artists working in other disciplines through a shared creative process – these are some of the most valuable experiences of my life.