Alexander Technique

Meredith is an Alexander Technique teacher, and a member of the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT).

An educational process, Alexander technique empowers the student to understand and coordinate their whole body to reduce tension.  Meredith encountered Alexander Technique as a performer and was so impressed by the way it helped her with guitar related injuries that she undertook formal training in the Alexander Technique in 2017. 

Yoga, exercise and other training can alleviate many problems for musicians – but there is something essential missing.  Alexander Technique can expand our awareness to our whole selves, and when that awareness of the “use of the self” is present, it can be applied to every form of physical task, from washing the dishes to ballet.

Meredith conducts Masterclasses as well as private sessions. Testimonial and photographs from 2019:

I thought your presentation was thoroughly engaging and enjoyable. The application of the Alexander Technique worked in very well with the musical and technical aspects of guitar playing. The hands-on approach helped me to become aware of undue stresses being applied while playing difficult passages and your advice will definitely help me to reduce these. This will require more work on my part but the masterclass was a great start. This all worked in very well with your excellent suggestions regarding the performance of the music.  It was also very informative for me to observe your interaction with the other students who showed immediate improvement as you detected similar problems with posture, optimising pressure on the strings, relaxation of muscles when not in active use and how this affected the musical output. – Bill, performer and guitarist for 30+ years.

Masterclass picture number one
balancing the shoulders so that the arms can move freely
Masterclass picture number two
exploring tension in the right wrist to allow speed in the fingers through release
masterclass picture number three
finding the ground with your feet so that your entire torso is supported from the ground up